How to start up a woodworking business | How to run your woodworking business | Woodworking business tips and tricks.

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The how-to-start-a-woodworking-business course I have here for you covers the following subjects.

(You can scroll down this page and look at the image that I used when I created the course – if you prefer)

I do an introduction section.

A lot of those aspects are going to be covered in new videos that I will be creating on an ongoing basis too.

I did a short cut method.

So many people start their businesses this way. They take a leap, start production, and then go to markets or run ads and a lot of people succeed.

But in truth, I only did the short cut method for those who were too lazy to watch the entire course. Personally, I think that every person who has a woodworking or carpentry business should make an effort to learn new things all the time.

I cover the research side in depth.

I am a big fan of using online and offline tools and systems that can teach you trends, see what better options are out there for you and a lot more.

I show you some marketing options.

Everybody thinks that they already know all they need to know about marketing. Sadly.

However, if you took the time to test new marketing methods you might find one or two of them work far better than the methods that you currently use (or were planning to use) in the marketing of your business, and you could double your sales. Just imagine!

The online side of your woodworking business.

I have 14 years of experience here and show you some basics that you need to do if you want that level of brand building, sales and online attention that you deserve.

Introduction | About the start your own woodworking business course.


On this website is a complete and detailed training section on how you can start up a woodworking business.

Back in the days before I was doing any form of online marketing, I had a few businesses of my own. In the 80’s and early 90’s I had a kitchen and cupboard business, and from around 1998 to 2008 I had a hammock and woodworking business. This was mostly patio and outdoor furniture.

I made this detailed course back in 2016 (or somewhere back then) and therefore there are 2 things I need to mention here.

OK, maybe three. OK, Maybe four LOL.

  • ONE – Some of the stuff in the course might be dated like the keyword research section will use sites that are still working for keyword research but might have changed how they look etc. But it should all still be valid. If you find something very outdated please let me know.
  • TWO – This course was created before my fibromyalgia days. Therefore I had no idea back then that I would be an energy cripple in 2019 and beyond. I mention this because this entire course is geared to teaching stress free business ideas and methods and perhaps a woodworking business could still have some stress attached.
  • THREE – There will be references to and mentions of links to things that I do not do anymore. I might tell you that I could build your website for you and right now I would probably say no to that idea. But who knows about the future? Ask me if you are not sure about a thing.
  • FOUR – If you need one of my fantastic hammock chairs, you will have to stand in a very long line 🙂 I bet you those hammocks would work wonders for fibromyalgia – they removed stress faster than any one-hour nap that I ever took.


Please see the image below that I used to create this course.

It is from the mind-map software that I have and helps me set up my courses.


Future content you will see here.

I will add videos and blog posts regularly to keep you up to date with trends and ideas and more relating to your woodworking and crafts business.

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